The DéclicKids 11 Pillars

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At DéclicKids we believe that quality is essential. These 11 pillars are a « work in progress » defining the criteria for quality.


#1 | Flawless texts, true stories

Work with authors, translators and proofreaders and reject automated translation; track spelling and grammatical errors and take utmost care with the content.


#2 | A true aesthetic approach

Work with illustrators and animators, avoiding heterogenous images taken from stock catalogues and clipart.


#3 | Meaning

Make sense, cultivate sense and use multimedia when necessary—don’t add an embellishment just because it’s possible.


#4 | Seamless ergonomics

Work ergonomically and test the product. Children, even the youngest, simply want to know how something works intuitively, without needing to read. They should never be « stuck ».


#5 | Creativity and sparks

Imagine new interactivities, new paths, new ways to reach children, to make their imaginary worlds grow and nourish their thirst for knowledge.


#6 | Be demanding

Give children all the respect that is due to them without being condescending; particularly concerning narration, the learning process and games. Offer them efficient learning tools and intelligent games.


#7 | A professional creation

Hunt for bugs, don’t allow nasal voices, synthesized sounds or approximate sequences.


#8 | Promote ethics

Prohibit advertising, external links and avoid in-app purchases. On another note, be sure to cite collaborators and to pay them fairly.


#9 | A transparent, exact and open development

Encourage dialogue between the technical and editorial teams, listen to criticisms and suggestions, respond to questions from users and improve ebooks, sites and applications at all times.


#10 | Interoperability and no DRM

Engage in a process that permits the inclusion of all users, whatever their platform, and allows them to move from platform to platform without having to pay again. Prohibit DRM (except for social markup) and promote access to the open Web in a move towards an interoperable web application that is as open as possible.


#11 | Passion and joy

Because they’re indispensable.


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