Digital Media for Kids? Quality First!

(Lire l’article Le numérique pour les enfants ? La qualité avant tout !  en français)

At Déclickids we believe that digital media is a great medium and there are ebooks, applications and websites that are real treasures. For reading, for understanding, for discovery. We also think that digital works « with » and not « against » conventional media. « With » books, TV, cinema and live performances, and not against them. And also « with » friends, older brothers, little sisters and parents and teachers.

But in order that digital media challenges children, it’s important to be discerning. It’s for this reason that we want to help parents, teachers and children to discover quality digital media. And this is a challenge because there are thousands of digital books, applications, websites everywhere, on many platforms, in all languages, at all prices.

How do we recognize a quality digital product? At Déclickids we think we’ve identified criteria for quality and these criteria are objective and subjective. Objective because a program with an identifiable technical fault can be listed objectively. And subjective because we find an image more or less beautiful or the music more or less captivating; it’s a question of taste after all. The personal taste of each of you and of us.

Here at Déclickids we put 100% into listing objective and subjective criteria. Because we think that digital media is cultural and that we review a cultural object with global vision. It’s this global vision—of a world where digital media helps children to read wonderful books, to learn differently and to discover new things every day—that we want to share with you.

We have therefore defined 11 pilars  that summarize our vision of digital quality for children. These pillars are a « work in progress ». They’re there to be criticized, reviewed and amended. The proof? In 2011 there were only 10!

Read more : The Déclickids 11 Pillars for Quality Digital Media.

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